Welcome to True Reflections

We are a Holistic Eating Disorder Recovery Program which integrates complementary holistic modalities to achieve optimal health and long-lasting recovery. Our multidisciplinary team works together to create a uniquely tailored program for each individual, allowing the process of healing to occur no matter what stage a client may be at, whether it be early on or after years of struggling.

True Reflections offers an outpatient program that is flexible, catering to busy lives that must continue outside treatment, whether one is in school or working a full-time job. Individuals do not have to disappear from their day-to-day lives in order to engage in treatment, thus reducing anxiety and the need for arduous reintegration once the program has been completed.

At True Reflections, it is recognized that eating disorders involve both elements of distortion and truth, whether a client is unknowingly revealing the truth of her pain by shaping her appearance to reflect it, or attempting to hide it by creating a distorted image. Regardless, our practitioners aid each individual in seeing the truth behind the symptoms, creating a safe and supportive environment for freedom and growth.

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